Michael’s music

Michael WilliamsMy brother’s been writing songs, and they’re available for listening on amazingtunes.com, and buying too if you’re so inclined. I’m obviously biased, but I think they’re good – laid back beats, piano and lots of harmonies.

I’m also biased because I wrote a few songs myself a few years ago and never did much with them, and Michael’s taken a couple of pages out of my notebooks and turned them into proper songs with tunes and choruses and everything. But you’ll have to guess which bits are mine.

My favourite is ‘happy side‘. Taken a listen…

One thought on “Michael’s music

  1. interesting…

    i was learning how to play guitar not too long ago until i broke my hand. it’s healed now, but there’s still a scar. time doesn’t quite heal 😉

    “i only smile when i rape the rapers”

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