Tim and I went to the Wembley gig yesterday, Caz got some free tickets, so we got to enjoy the corporate hospitality of Stony yogurt, whoever they may be. Whatever my reservations about the idea as a whole, they definitely put on a good show. Special mention to Foo Fighters, who I’ve always wanted to see, and Black Eyed Peas, who wrote a song specially and were rather good.

Best act: Foo Fighters, who know what to do with a stadium.

Worst act: Spinal Tap, replaying the dancing dwarf scene from the film and thus being essentially a tribute band to themselves.

Least succesful attempt to engage with the issues: ‘Let’s save the polar bears, let’s save our children’s children… let’s a least have a go, you know?’ The guy from Kasabian.

Least appropriate song: ‘Que sera sera’, sung by David Gray and Damien Rice and summing up the exact opposite to the attitude needed.

Defining song: Madonna’s theme song, which had a choir of about 30 children singing ‘you must first love yourself, then you can love someone else, if you can change someone else, then you have saved someone else, but you must first love yourself… etc’ Yes, a song about loving yourself sums up the whole thing quite nicely really.