Lay down your cloak

Quick plug for my latest project at work. At Lifewords we’ve been working on our latest Easter resource, and this year it’s an eight part online journey through Holy Week, with an animation for each day. The designers are doing a great job with it, and I’d recommend signing up, which you can do here. We’ll send you an email with a link to the first day’s content on monday of Holy Week.

There’s a bunch of other things you might find useful on the main Easter site, including audio and video downloads, ideas, prayers, and you can leave comments and suggestions on the blog.

christmas resources from lifewords

free-christmas-resources.pngThought I’d better give a little plug to some work stuff. Every summer I end up spending a fair chunk of time working on Christmas materials, which is always a little bit strange. The lifewords christmas site for 08 is here, and it’s looking good.

The basic idea is to supply free christmas resources for churches, so we’ve got powerpoints, audio downloads, posters, invites, a rather nifty advent devotional thing, and bunch of other stuff.

We’ve also got the little story booklet, A Little Story About Something Big, written by yours truly and illustrated by very talented Japanese artist Chinatsu Sunaga.