Time to Act

time to act fcMy new book, Time to Act, is published by SPCK in February 2020.

Time to Act draws together a wide range of contributors to explore the Christian tradition of non-violent direct action, and how it is being used today in the struggle against climate change.

More details and pre-order here.

The Ninefold Path

The 9Beats Collective is a group of artists, musicians and thinkers that released an album in the summer of 2017. I helped to edit a book that accompanied the album, and project managed the design.

ninefold path

Client: Lifewords

Sustainability and inequality workshop

A group of NGOs and think tanks have an ongoing discussion group looking at the connections between sustainability and inequality.

In 2017 I organised a workshop for the group, inviting participants, booking venue and catering, and planning the order of the day with a facilitator. I recorded and wrote up the day’s discussions into a short paper, which was circulated internally among participating organisations.

Client: Oxfam

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