Thou shalt… decide for yourself


While the atheists rev up their bus in protest at aggressive Christian advertising, here’s a refreshingly different approach, from the Quakers. I found this as a full page spread on the back of Ecologist magazine.

Nice design job – a combination of ancient and new, lots of white space, open and inviting.

christmas resources from lifewords

free-christmas-resources.pngThought I’d better give a little plug to some work stuff. Every summer I end up spending a fair chunk of time working on Christmas materials, which is always a little bit strange. The lifewords christmas site for 08 is here, and it’s looking good.

The basic idea is to supply free christmas resources for churches, so we’ve got powerpoints, audio downloads, posters, invites, a rather nifty advent devotional thing, and bunch of other stuff.

We’ve also got the little story booklet, A Little Story About Something Big, written by yours truly and illustrated by very talented Japanese artist Chinatsu Sunaga.

Singing in church

 I was talking about singing in church the other day with my brothers, and I was reminded of these cartoons, courtesy of ASBO Jesus. (Because if Jesus were alive today, he’d probably get one, in case you’re wondering).



last sunday

Every last sunday of the month we do something a little bit different at Church on the Corner, and last night we hosted a photography exhibition. The photography club at International Students House displayed their work, and we had a lecture on ‘imaging truth’ and a prayer room upstairs. It looked great. The pictures are up for a week, so drop by and see them if you’re in the area.