I am a freelance writer and project developer based in Luton. I specialise in news and features on consumerism, development, poverty, the environment, climate change and conservation. I use this website as a personal scrapbook of projects. I don’t update it very often, so if you want to get in touch try Twitter or LinkedIn.

Talking public space on Sky News


Studio interview for Sky News, talking about advertising and public space for the launch of Art Everywhere.


The New Escapologist


Essay on the Citizen’s Income in issue 9 of The New Escapologist.

Review for Sublime Magazine


Review of David Graeber’s The Democracy Project in Sublime Magazine.

125th Anniversary Exhibition


Researched and curated an exhibition for the SGM Lifewords 125th anniversary celebrations.

All that we share review


Review for Positive News.

Arms sales to Madagascar


Post on arms sales to Madagascar for the Campaign Against the Arms Trade.

In 2012 CAAT released a new database of UK arms sales, and I looked up Madagascar out of curiosity. It turns out Britain had licensed several shipments of arms to the country, despite its current un-elected coup government.

The commons on OpenDemocracy

A discussion of the Jubilee, the Olympics, and the theory of the Commons, on OpenDemocracy.net. Part of a discussion series on the ‘great British summer’.



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